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A switching valve was used to divert most of these early eluting interfering materials to waste, effecting online sample cleanup without excessive sample preparation steps.and the LOQ was ng per injection.The method was successfully applied to the analysis of the NIST SRM multivitaminmultimineral dietary supplement tablet.The method is specic, precise, and accurate for the intended use.Compared to offline sample cleanup procedures, it offers the advantage of being easier, more economical, and less timeconsuming.VB deciency affects the growth and repair of all body cells, namely the hematopoietic cells and the nervous system cells due to its implication in myelin generation.VB is a tetrapyrrole complex which contains cobalt in the molecule and may refer to several forms of cobalamin.Cyanocobalamin forms of VB are available for medical use.Adenosylcobalamin are also forms of VB found in <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Abiraterone-Acetate">Targetmol's Abiraterone Acetate</a> biological or food samples.Demand for rapid, specic, and updated methodologies for determination of vitamins is growing because of their importance for health.Several methods such as chemiluminescence, atomic absorption spectrometry spectrometry, and voltammetry, have been proposed for the determination of VB.These methods do not distinguish cobalamin species and were not tested in a complex matrix, such   as multivitamin or multimineral dietary supplements.Radioisotope dilution and biosensor based proteinbinding assays, have also been described.MBA may also be inuenced by other food components such as deoxyribosides and deoxynucleotides.Although they have high sensitivity, MBA are timeconsuming and present high variability, requiring multiple determinations to get good estimates.Several studies have determined all cobalamin species together and report total cobalamin, but many perform selective determination of cobalamin species.Use of a SRM provides a stable and homogeneous test material with known B values to test and validate the method.Open availability of the SRM will make it suitable for use by other laboratories to test proper implementation of this method.The HPLC analysis was carried out using two columns connected in series with a switching valve sandwiched in between. The HPLC gradient and the time of the switching were optimized based on the combination of the two columns.Methods, the most distinctive peaks at and nm. However, there is considerably more absorbance between UV UV nm from the matrix of NIST SRM. This is not surprising since it is wellknown that manufacturers often deliberately add more vitamins than the label claims in order to have extended shelflife.The lone exception among the commercial samples is the liquid form vitamin supplements, the measured amount is about lower compared to the label claim.Methods, Patients present with megaloblastic anemia, pancytopenia and sometimes neuropsychiatric manifestations.Subacute combined degeneration of the cord, peripheral neuropathy, dementia, psychotic depression and paranoid schizophrenia are well reported.We are reporting a case of cyanocobalamine deciency anemia who presented with acute psychosis which readily reversed on cyanocobalamin replacement.Patient had history of altered sleep pattern, excessive and irrelevant talking, picking of clothes and inability to recognize family members for last week.There was no history of fever, headache, vomiting, head trauma, drug intake or any addiction.No history of past psychiatric illness or memory loss was there.Patient had symptoms of anemia in past and was vegetarian.

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