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Increase in vegetation and flowering shrubs will help in further conservation of butterflies.Conventional production methods, which are used commonly in the region, caused degradation in agricultural production areas.In this study, the effects of alternative tillage practices on mean weight diameter of soil, shear stress, surface covering ratio of stubble and the amount of weed were determined.Conservation tillage system is also defined as a production system where the soil, which is effectively deep and wide in order to provide suitable seedsoil contact, is tilled only in narrow strips or rows. In other words, conservative tillage is a system that ensures coverage of soil surface with minimum of the residues of preplant after planting in order to decrease water and wind erosion.Today, increase of energy consumption due to increase of field traffic based on intense tillage, loss of significant amount of our lands every year due to erosion and increase observed in CO emission values in agriculture made it obligatory to usage of alternative methods in tillage.Today, ignorant intense tillage in agricultural production causes a significant increase in input energy costs, and exposes soil to the threat of wind erosion directly.Also, intense tillage accelerates mineralisation in the soil and causes soil carbon to decrease, and hence, to increase in CO emissions.In the studies made on stubble tillage, it is determined that, with the mixture of plant residues to the soil, the   soil is enriched in terms of organic materials and that it is fertility increases, that its structure improves, that its water capacity increases and that its compaction decreases. The soil shear testing device was used in order to determine the soil shearing strength which has a cm diameter. Images that were taken by <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Prilocaine"></a> camera were saved to the computer environment in picture format.MATLAB program was used to digitise stubble intensity.The effect on shear stress values of different tillage.The lowest change was obtained from practice performed by vertically shaft rotary tiller.The effect on soil surface coverage ratio of stubble was given in figure. It was considered significant, in terms of conservation agriculture technique, that the surface covering ratio was realized above, which was considered as reference value.Average amount of weed was determined. higher than conventional and vertically shaft rotary tiller practices.Transaction of the ASAE. Detection of enterotoxin production, plasmid profiles and antimicrobial susceptibility testing were carried out.These transconjugants were able to produce enterotoxin D and conferred resistance to chloramphenicol. A positive direct and significant correlation was found between enterotoxin D transfer and the cotransfer of CHL and SSS.Some of their pathogenicity is associated with enzyme and toxin production.Several staphylococcal species produce enterotoxins, a family of related proteins responsible for many diseases, such as the toxicshock syndrome, septicemia and food poisoning. Purity and identity of the clinical isolates were confirmed was used as a plasmid molecular weight marker.The tested strains were cultured on mannitol salt agar overnight at oC.Each isolate was subcultured in ml trypton soy broth in a shaking incubator adjusted at rpm and oC for hrs.Cells were precipitated by centrifugation at rpm for min at oC.

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