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Analysis of water so luble vitamins B, B, folic acid, biotin and pan <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Prilocaine">Targetmol's Prilocaine</a> tothenic acid based on biosensorbasedvitamin analysis technology, this method is sensitive butdid not analyze thevitamin B simu ltaneously. In another method simultaneous determination of seven water soluble vitaminsnicotinamide, th iamin, ribof lavin, pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, cyanocobalamine and folic acid were carried out by using ionpair chromatography. Nevertheless, the detection time is very high and the UV detector has to set at different wavelengths. We want report herein a new method which simultaneously analyses four water solub le vitamins B, folic acid, B, and B in a complex mix ture by HPLC using UV detector at nm.Details of the method and its validation were reported. S tandard so lutions of riboflav in and folic acid were fresh ly prepared.Initially mL of acetic acid and mL of methanol were added to eachflask; the contents were disso lved by sonication for min and allowed to cool to ambient temperature.The conten ts were diluted to volume with water and thoroughly mixed.These solutions were used as reference working standard solu tion. Af ter completion of refluxing period theflask was cooled and volume made up to mL in a volumetricflask.The contentwas cen trifuged to remove suspended mater ial.The peak area responses measured for B, B, B and folic acid were plotted versus concen tration and a linear response was obtained over the range of concentrated stud ied for all four ingredien ts. The slope of calibration curve and proximityof all points to the calibration curve demonstrates that the method has adequate sensitivity to the concentrated of vitamins B, B, B and folic acid.The accuracy of the assay procedure was determined by carrying out recovery experimen ts by spiking the standard.The robustness of the assay method was assessed with respect to alternations in flow rate, column and change in wave length of UV of the standard and sample, as stability of working standard and test so lutions stored in amber glass at amb ient temperature.The results show that the new HPLC method is robust to small changes in flow rate, change in co lumn, and the solu tions exhib ited a good degree of stability, and gg, respectively. Neutraceu tical preparation omitting B, B, B and folic acid was examined by the assay procedure.No peak due to excip ien ts in the formulation was observed at the typical reten tion times for B, B, B and fo lic acid.Therefore, it is concluded that the assay method is specific for both active ingredientin the presence of excipien ts of formu lated product.The suitab ility of the system was defined by determining the value of column efficiency, tailing factor and resolu tion factor using the method in VSP.Column efficiency was greater than per co lumn, tailing factor was notmore than   and resolution factor is greater than for B, B, B and folic acid. The dependence of reten tion time on flow rate has been observed for both standard and samp le and it was found that a increase in flow rate decrease the retention time of B, B, B and folic acid in a regular manner.

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