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Both of these views are equally true and equally important.This is a particularly sore point with my partners and I as in our practice a particularly unpleasant and unhappy case has arisen where the damage done by a social worker interrogating the family was far in excess of any damage that might have been done by parental abuse of one of the children.Two points caused us considerable pause for thoughtthe first was that the whole attitude taken by the social workers and those who ran the nonaccidental injury register was of guilt until innocence was proved.They have maintained, and still maintain, this attitude, despite exhaustive research and the absence of any cumulative suspicious evidence apart from one child in the family displaying bruises, which are of the normal nature but of remarkable frequency.The second point   is the vigour and the persistence of the inquiry.The result of the illconsidered zeal in the particular case has been: the removal of a longterm foster child the inevitable knowledge in a small community that this family is the subject of inquiry and the equally inevitable belief by some that there cannot be smoke without fire.Surely it is time for the pendulum to swing a little in the other directionfor the families to be considered, and for some system to be arrived at where if confirmatory evidence of child abuse has not been forthcoming after a certain while attention is focused away from that family and that familys name removed from the black book.The family in question have been told that they will be the subject of continual supervision and inquiry until the boy is in some years time.As a general surgeon, I am well aware of the dangers, both physical and mental, that surround circumcision, particularly if performed without anaesthesia, but he does not mention the consequences of leaving the <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Chlorpromazine-hydrochloride">Targetmol's Chlorpromazine hydrochloride</a> foreskin until years of age or such time as the patient decides he wants something done.I know remarkably little of the natural history of the foreskin; certainly I recognise the extremes, but I cannot predict the outcome of the large group who may or may not later develop paraphimosis or even a ballooning foreskin.In this group the challenge is to assess the advisability of doing a circumcision versus adopting a waitandsee policy.My own view is that circumcision at days on religious grounds alone cannot reasonably be refused.After this I do circumcision for complications only until the child is dry, around the age of years, because of the dangers of meatal ulcer.Beyond years I have swung towards circumcision rather than away from it, though I still discourage those with a wide opening.My reasons for so doing are that eventual circumcision at a later age entails yet more discomfort and perhaps an absence from school.A paraphimosis with all Within a couple of minutes after receiving the last injection of hydroxocobalamin he developed symptoms of anaphylactic shock, with peripheral circulatory collapse, unrest, shiverings, and general itching.He had a feeling of swelling of the whole body and was on the point of unconsciousness.

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