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However, the city life makes people more comfortable and lazier when compared to the rural life.In addition, the individual misses those open air activities in the rural areas and touch the land with its naked foot at least once in a year.For this reason, people who will attend the rural activities should be informed.What can be thought and systematically done in terms of rural activities can be interesting activities such as bovine or ovine breeding care, milking, cheese making, feeding.It is necessary to   include activities like product collection, watering, plantation, weeding as well as activities such as collecting product from nature, nature walk and picnic for herbal production.A model should be applied in drawing the participants into the activities and letting them participate in these activities.This model can be possible with the informing of the rural activity to be made with the chambers of agriculture and how many participants will participate and announcement of this to the tourists in the city.In other words, the farmers will inform a table in the chamber of agriculture about their activity and number of participants they can host, and that table will transfer the information to the tourists <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Vorinostat">sell Vorinostat</a> within the tourism activities in the city, and thus a team which will program the volunteer participants will perform these activities.Consequently, the tourists will be satisfied with the rural activities because it will be ensured that the tourists coming to participate in tourism activities will have a rural day to the fullest.Tourism is considered as a model that creates employment for development in countries where the unemployment level is high.Tourism is evaluated as one of the important and sustainable income sources in the area of increase the incomes of people living in rural areas and recruitment of life conditions. The places where agricultural and breeding activities are intense have great importance in terms of rural tourism.The rural tourism is an alternative economic activity that gains importance in terms of opening the regions having this potential for tourism and opening nonagricultural employment areas. Development of rural tourism has eased the change of womens roles within the family in rural areas and participation of women in business life more actively.It creates new job opportunities for people living in the areas which have reached marginal limits in terms of field to make agricultural production like highlands and can be effective in reducingpreventing the migration from rural to urban and providing employment in that place. Turkey has included rural activities with historical heritages expect to others.Because farmers get income from agriculture and tourism both ways.Turkey has more and more opportunities in rural tourism activities area, especially agriculture has more chain ability by the region in country so tourist can be find a more different things.Doing precisely prediction on disease severity that is very close to exact level using artificial intelligence and or annual neural network and providing information based on specific genetic sequences considering pathogen island region in genome are efficient way to know infection risks and resistance formation.Following mutations depending gene sequence relied on known characteristic properties of the sampled pathogens seems a logic way after transferring data to compute system in purpose of efficient control strategy.

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