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Soil properties effects on different land uses are also different and some physical and chemical properties can show some superiority, determined that in field experiment; forage crop breeding increased the macroaggregated size and soil resistance of clay textured soil and decreased in bulk density compared to the control.Aggregate stability defined organizing status of soil aggregates and their strength against the destructive effects of water and mechanical factors. The height of soil aggregate stability is extremely important both to prevent of soil erosion and for good crop production.Good aggregations increased the water and air movement in the soil and prepare a suitable environment for the development of plant roots.Structural deterioration of the soil generally occurs in intensively cultivated soils due to reduction of organic matter content reported that irrigated fields prone to erosion in many semiarid and arid soils and the erosion decreased in furrow irrigation by PAM application.Stated the surface runoff and erosion decreased in PAM application fields.Experiment field coordinates are N E and altitude is m.Particularly the rough material and sand content approaches in profile.This situation leads to a low water retention capacity.For this reason during the rainy periods excess water going to runoff and caused to the fine soil materials transporting to the less slope areas.According to soil analyses, the textural class is sandy loam; neutral in   pH and nonsaline. xm plots with randomized block design with six treatments; two controls, spread seeding under controlled grazing plots.Statistical analyses of the experimental data were performed using SPSS software package program and pairs of mean values compared by least significant difference and in the end of the study, changes in soil properties due to the amelioration applications determined.Some chemical and physical properties were determined.After years from the study ended, soil sampling was conducted in to determine the condition of the pastures which has been left to its natural state.As amelioration methods; depending on the selected applications showed positive effects on soil properties by years.In compared to; MWD and BD values decreased, EC, pH, OM, AS, PNT and I values increased.EC values fall into nonsaline class by all applications and years.Glser stated that soil OM increased large aggregates which increased by forage crops and determined significant positive correlation between OM and AS.While aggregate stability decreases the soil resistance against erosive forces decreases too.Soil organic matter contributes significantly to the formation of aggregates.Increasing of soil OM prevents the movement of soil and water by wind.Our country pastures has mm rainfall and high slope and loss of soil aggregate stability by tillage caused longterm high erosion. Pasture vegetation is playing a positive role in <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Chlorpheniramine-maleate">buy Chlorpheniramine maleate</a> reducing water losses.Especially in frequent vegetation and light grazing pastures, speed of raindrops reduced by vegetation so that soil compaction and surface water flow losses are prevented. Such studies, as it is important in terms of conservation and sustainability or our soils will be important and a good guidance in terms of determining the proper method for amelioration of our pastures.It should be avoided from the thinking centered only grass pastures improvement.

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