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Providing the foreign workforce from outside the district causes the increasing of fees that are paid to foreign workforce.In season production, number of harvesting changes between. According to climate conditions, local disease and pests are seemed in the production across the district and as a result number of harvesting is determined to be decreased.It is determined that producers are harvesting at least times in the periods of normal climate conditions until the periods of autumn first frosts.It was determined that the examined farms are mostly satisfied with realized fresh bean prices and that the product price cultivated in the region is determined by the trader.Farmers sell their products to the traders in the region as there are no other options affecting the price.The fact that there are many fresh bean producers in the area but there is no related organization in the region is another important problem.Producers think a cooperative about fresh beans should be established in the region.The socioeconomical conditions of the environment in research area, the voluntary studies related with cooperation among farmers, existence of some cooperatives which continue their existence by the   efforts of their members and the tendencies of farmers towards becoming a cooperative are positive signs for successful cooperatives to be established.Making the necessary preparations for the cooperative to be established and determination of its purposes will increase the chance of such organization in the region.Tending of the cooperative to agricultural activities such as production and marketing and submission of the required information by the producers when necessary will increase its success.Also it is considered that finding external sources will be useful for farmers.Producers are in consensus that the organization to be established should first of all solve their problems and a certain base price should be applied.The examined farms stated that they will expand their areas of plantation in case base system is applied.The basic reason of this expansion is that fresh bean yield in the region is sufficient and profit ratio is higher compared to other products.If the number of ponds that are planned to be made under the scope of KOP project in the district is increased, accordingly the irrigated land will be increased and this situation will trigger production in a wider area.In the examined farms, producers need information about fresh bean production.It was determined that majority of the farms do not have information about the bacteria vaccine applied to the bean and that they need applied information about this issue.This situation demonstrates that publication studies are insufficient and the importance given to technical knowledge is less.Producers also need technical information about bean diseases and pests.To keep it short, it was determined that the examined farms have many problems and wrong applications such as seed selection, soil preparation, plantation, maintenance, harvest and sales.For the solution of these problems, it was determined that serious publication study and organization of the farmers is necessary.However, seed is the most important factor determining the production amount and quality.Usage of higher quality, highly <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Glycerite"></a> efficient species that are resistant to diseases in the region will cause increase in yield and quality.

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