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We plan to build a timeresolved fluorescence camera and spectrometer fluorescence.In tune with the NASA applications, we will study and develop plans for an instrument that can survive and operate in a highly radioactive environment.Careful use of electronic and optical components are required for such an environment and so our project will focus significant effort for this capability.The goals of this project are to identify the signal characteristics of a class of volcanic lightning discharges that commonly occur in ash plumes and determine how to exploit these characteristics in a radio frequencybased volcanic eruption monitoring system.This work will advance the state of the art of volcano monitoring and address gaps in current methods.Future cubesatbased national security missions will likely only need bandwidths, which allow us to reoptimize the CSA architecture with improved efficiency and smaller size.Although global positioning system based navigation can be used in ideal situations, when GPS service is denied or unavailable, an independent, accurate, inertial sensor is needed.Quantum metrology with an atom superconducting quantum interference device can increase the sensitivity in rotation sensing dramatically by utilizing macroscopic entanglement between angular momentum states.The successful completion of this project will demonstrate the revolutionary increase in rotation sensitivity from the macroscopic entanglement.This will make it possible to develop a portable inertial sensor with the highest sensitivity for critical national security missions.The early diagnosis and treatment of influenza infections can greatly reduce mortality.However, the currently available rapid influenza tests are unreliable and leave many infections undiagnosed.There is an urgent need for a highly sensitive influenza diagnostic test to be used in pointofcare settings.The resulting novel, inexpensive and highly sensitive diagnostic tool will be easily expandable to other pathogens, with influenza serving as a   <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Pamabrom">Targetmol's Pamabrom</a> proofofprinciple.The character, range and strength of the interaction between the atoms will be tuned by the geometry of the arrays, and by external laser parameters.This complete set of capabilities will be the first highly scalable, neutral atombased platform for tackling a broad range of models in quantum magnetism.By exploring system behavior, such as spin correlations and ground states, we will improve understanding of important quantum manybody models.Further, we will study coherent quantum annealing as an approach to quantum optimization problems, which will inform ongoing research on the properties of commerciallyavailable quantum devices, for which the exact role of entanglement and coherence is poorly understood.By imaging the outer heliospheric response over time, we can understand the plasma flows and thus the underlying physical processes that govern heliospheric dynamics over the solar cycle.However, data return from extraterrestrial seismic missions is highly dependent on how efficient are impacts to generate seismic waves.The level of uncertainty of current models results in high risk explaining the low number of seismic missions launched by NASA so far.While many other imaging techniques exist, none are able to positively identify specific chemical compounds, making our approach a unique tool for substance detection.With immediate national security applications in airport security, improvised explosive device detection and removal, and drug trafficking, there is a large application space for our technology.

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