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The family in question have been told that they will be the subject of continual supervision and inquiry until the boy is in some years time.As a general surgeon, I am well aware of the dangers, both physical and mental, that surround circumcision, particularly if performed without anaesthesia, but he does not mention the consequences of leaving the foreskin until years of age or such time as the patient decides he wants something done.I know remarkably little of the natural history of the foreskin; certainly I recognise the extremes, but I cannot predict the outcome of the large group who may or may not later develop paraphimosis or even a ballooning foreskin.In this group the challenge is to assess the advisability of doing a circumcision versus adopting a waitandsee policy.My own view is that circumcision at days on religious grounds alone cannot reasonably be refused.After this I do circumcision for complications only until the child is dry, around the age of years, because of the dangers of meatal ulcer.Beyond years I have swung towards circumcision rather than away from it, though I still discourage those with a wide opening.My reasons for so doing are that eventual circumcision at a later age entails yet more discomfort and perhaps an absence from school.A paraphimosis with all Why not, then, abandon the less safe, and less effective, of two equivalent and equally priced preparations, other than for commercial reasons? This is the second case of hypersensitivity to hydroxocobalamin of which I have learned this year.The interim results of the second trial show survival rates of for all children with disease confined to the kidney or with local or regional nodal spreadthat is, without distant metastases.Children are still seen whose tumours have BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL NOVEMBER been removed though loin incisions, making accurate staging impossible.It is hoped that all eligible children will benefit from the lessons learnt in previous trials both in the UK and in other countries.It seems to me that for anyone to be stood against a wall and photographed in the nude is a potentially degrading and embarrassing thing.I would like to suggest that children should never be subjected to this indignity unless there is a compelling reason for itand then only with the consent of the parents and, if he is old enough, the child himself.Sex education is now a recognised part of the <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Sevelamer-Carbonate">sell Sevelamer Carbonate</a> school curriculum and I understand that marriage guidance counsellors are giving helpfiul instruction to children at the school   level.General practitioners, however, have a unique opportunity for enlightening potential parents of the difficulties and problems, often painful ones, of successful family life.If we could convince ourselves, and young people in particular, that the child comes first; that family life is absolutely basic for the welfare of that child; that successful family life is not easythat in fact it is all the more successful when difficulties, conflict, and even suffering, are part of it, for it is by facing problems together that growth and progress occurthen I believe that we should have made a real step forward.

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