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The second year was primarily spent at the TEC SMART facility focusing on learning semiconductorspecific skills, some of which were taught in the onsite clean room with miniature versions of manufacturing equipment simulating the operation of a mm fab.From to the program graduated about students per year.The pregraduation job placement rate for this program is about, with a number of students in the programs working at parttime jobs during their course of study which lead to fulltime employment upon graduation.The school indicated the funds would be used to create a nanotechnology program specifically designed for returning veterans and unemployed workers seeking retraining.The only institution of higher learning in its twocounty sponsorship area, it has traditionally offered liberal arts and career <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Glycerite"></a> education programs and more recently has added technologyrelated programs and course offerings.These programs frequently target young people from modest or disadvantaged backgrounds andor displaced workers in an effort to enable them to find jobs in local hightechnology industries.They are differentiated from traditional early college programs by the active participation of local companies.PTECH established a rigorous year program culminating in both a high school diploma and an associates degree in applied computer science.Graduates were to be first in line for jobs at IBM.PTECH had a promising beginning, and, in, students from the programs inaugural class, by then in th grade, were already taking and passing collegelevel   courses and overachieving on preliminary SAT tests.Sixteen projects were launched that year, with ten more added in. The program, funded initially by the state at million, will enable participating students, entering as ninth graders, to graduate years later with associates degrees at no cost to them.HVCC pledged to host basic level courses at CSCC in every major field of study.During the last months of, people completed career enhancement courses andor developed employment or education plans, of whom had earned a certificate, enrolled in college, or found a job by early. But weaknesses in the regions K educational infrastructure are apparent in areas such as STEM education and preparation of students for life after graduation.The high attrition rate in HVCC semiconductor programs was attributable to the rigorous math and science workload.The cost burden caused some districts to drop out of the program.Questar III BOCES included the costs associated with TVHS with those of its career and technical education programs and charged its constituent districts based on a year average of how many services the districts used.It was originally aimed at rural andor poor districts that might otherwise not be able to sustain certain educational initiatives through their own resources.This program was aimed at providing students with workplace skills to address difficulties business leader have expressed about new workers.The first class of freshman began classes in the fall of. Renda commented that without the education, I had I would have known nothing about what I was getting myself into.Students are accorded extensive opportunities to interact with collaborating businesses, utilizing guest speakers, telepresence systems, and online collaboration tools and to participate in field experience under the guidance of mentors employed by the businesses.

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