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Chelate micro element complexes that occurs in the soil is a very important mechanism.Fe is transferred by forming malic, cytric and phenolls, polysaccharites, amino acid and chelate in the structure of a plant. It was determined that the total iron contents of plants does not show iron chlorosis.Iron chlorosis also occurs depending on various reasons such as factors related to the environmental conditions, factors depending on water, the factors related to some factors in the structure of the plant.It affects the cation anion ration that NON is taken in a large quantity from the soil and as a result of that, HCO released into rhizosphere of roots.NH nitrogen form shows an effect opposite to NO nitrogen form.Iron deficiency can be seen when soil pH is low and P is high.Vineyards, fruits, tomatoes, strawberries and cotton are plants which are susceptible to iron deficiency.In the further phase of the deficiency, old leaves can be affected.The iron defficiency in plants appears in the form of yellowing between the veins.The most characteristic feature of iron deficiency is that even the thinnest veins remain green and the colour between the veins turns into yellow completely.The large leaves show almost a green web view on a yellow bckground.In further phases of the deficiency, all the veins including thin veins become yellow.As chlorophyll is not formed, the youngest leaves can turn into white.Young buds become dry occurs when the lime content in soil is content is more than because of the high HCO concentration. There are very important differences between the plant species and varieties in terms of the susceptibility to iron chlorosis.In order to correct the iron chlorosis, the soil conditions are required to be rectified.Iron deficiency can be corrected through applying the iron sources into the soil, on the leaves, and with irrigation.There are organic chelates containing iron and inorganic iron salts sprayed onto the leaves of plants or applied to soils in order to rectify iron chlorosis.The chelates are produced also from commercial organic compounds.However, it is known that inorganic iron salts are usually inadequate on rectifying iron chlorosis although they are cheap.The most commonly used organic chelates are EDTA, DTPA. The forms of those chelates containing iron are sold in the market under various commercial titles.<a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Cholic-Acid">buy Cholic Acid</a> Lignosulfamates, poliflavonoids and iron frits as organic compounds are less effective and   cheaper than synthetic chelates.The effectiveness of iron chelates depends on their degree of stability in different soil pH.In: metals in micronutrients: uptake and utilization by plants.J of plant nutrition. Storage and metabolic rate.Identification of these sources and how they managed to increase the very agricultural growth in periods are examined in the study, which is of crucial importance.Then, the real value of agricultural production has an important role in determining the product, since for the period, the average growth rate trend for each product is calculated from the equation.In the analysis of change in value of agricultural production in general corporate, it is revealed that the effect of the product mix and the impact of changes in the area gradually decreased whereas the yield and price changes increased steadily.

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