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Applications of free living plant growthpromoting rhizobacteria.Cynodon dactylon which is one of these plants doesnt provide long green forage period due to being warm season grasses.All of them can continue their life and give a yield in the drought conditions.These plants properties have strong root systems and being improved water delivery systems, also have properties restricted water consumption.Its needed long time for soil improvement by natural period and becoming productive pasture by covering desirable plants of rangeland.Pasture ground losing plant cover becomes erosion surface in this condition.It is been quicker and farther the adverse impact to the plants weaken growth due to ecological conditions in grazed arid land.The flora in some rangelands was nearly disappeared due to heavy grazing, drought, wind erosion, etc.At present, even if the pasture have excess quantity plants, these plants value in terms of grazing are decreased.Crested wheatgrass, smooth brome, sainfoin are the most drought and cold resistant plants. Decreasing plants are consistently shown to decrease by weakening status of the pasture.When grazing intensity are increased, increasing plants are growingly in place decreasing plants.Then, the increasing plants are continued to decrease due to given rise to grazing load in these plants.Invasive species in <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Sevelamer-Carbonate">Targetmol's Sevelamer Carbonate</a> rangeland havent feed value for nongrazing by animals.Annual precipitation is mostly about mm in steppe area. Graminae grass family is one of important family in terms of economics in steppe.Most important external factor growing of the flora and vegetation and limitation of plant life is water in this region.Scarcity of annual precipitation and distribution in a year cause to become the xerophytes flora in here.In, seed collection studies by R.In, seed collection studies by R.Farm animals grazing in this rangeland are obliged feeding with these plants.It grows in steppe, drought rangeland, drought hill and mountainside.It can be grown all soil types.This species has not only drought and cold tolerant, but also salinity tolerant. But these plants intensity are shown difference in somewhere different.Only determination of these plants is inexpressive in terms of application.Breeding of xerophyte grass forages are needed for using in rangeland established in dryland.It must be selected to optimal plants for using as sustainable, which is required to increasing productivity, of these days natural resource.Thus, it can be supplied to competitiveness along with economic productivity.The relationship emphasizes close cooperation on democratic reform, economic modernization, social reform, and migration issues.Trade remains another important subject of relations, as well as financial cooperation.Subsequent negotiations have furthered the liberalization of agricultural, processed agricultural and fisheries products, and ongoing negotiations aim at improving conditions for services trade and for companies seeking to establish businesses in both markets.The model also takes into account the largest possible number of explanatory variables to the level of trade between the countries.It makes expectations of trade flows based on the distance between countries and the interaction between economic sizes of these countries.Because of the gravity model has double logarithmic form, the regression coefficients are the same as elasticities.The sign of these elasticities is consistent   with the economic logic, where GDP has a positive relationship and the distance has a negative relationship with the dependent variable.

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