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Therefore, it cannot do justice to the project of SESAME in all its dimensions and achievements.Finally, this report is not meant to reproduce the most prominent or dominant narratives about SESAME and to prove them either right or wrong.Yet, our due task is not to pick and choose a certain angle.Neither can we assess the real peace building outcomes of SESAME.There is not one single truth to be told about SESAME.In that, SESAME provides an institutionally clearly demarcated structure to study aspects of science diplomacy in a unique setting and as an example for bottom up science diplomacy initiatives by scientists.Ultimately, we have observed immense commitment and endurance by an international group of scientists and staff from around the world to establish this research infrastructure under extraordinary conditions and to advance it into a success story.At the same time, it does not come as a surprise that the case of SESAME also absorbs and echoes the conditions and conflicts it came to address and transform.A synchrotron is a technically highly sophisticated light source that enables to study matter at the molecular structure such asproteins, crystals or viruses.Synchrotrons have become a substantial, highly automatized stateoftheart device in order to conduct cuttingedge research in a large variety of disciplines.Synchrotron radiation user facilities have decisively advanced sc ientific understanding in the life sciences and   material sciences in the last decades and allow for a great variety of experimental applications at different wavelengths in the spectrum of light.Synchrotron light sources are not only technically sophisticated, but costly large research infrastructures.Therefore, these facilities are typically run by public, stateowned or even intergovernmental research organizations.The vast majority of the approximately currently operational synchrotrons worldwide are located in industrialized countries.Similarly, most industrialized countries dispose of at least one synchrotron radiation user facility or have access to one, while there are only very few facilities in the less technologized regions of the world. Turkey is currently building its first IRFEL facility. This is true not only with regards to its location, yet even more so with regards to its member composition.The map shows the distribution of synchrotrons that run macromolecular crystallography. Technically and scientifically, there are major and evident differences between CERN and SESAME.Most prominently, CERN is geared towards fundamental research in highenergy physics and it has become the largest particle accelerator in the world spearheading ground breaking research and innovations.By contrast, SESAME is designed as a synchrotron user facility that provides technical units for a still sophisticated, yet rather standardized set of experimental applications.However, SESAME comes only at a tiny fraction of CERN with regards to almost every structural, financial and technical aspect. Just like CERN, SESAME has been founded on the vision to increase international cooperation between scientists in a conflictaffected region.And similar to CERN, SESAME has been founded under the auspices of UNESCO, therefore being instituted as an intergovernmental organisation from the very beginning.While the focus of this report is obviously not on the technological aspect of synchrotrons, I would like to provide a <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Arbidol-hydrochloride">sell Arbidol hydrochloride</a> general and brief understanding of the technology in the following section to give a general idea of its relevance today.

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