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Most probably the increase of the partition coefficient of cyanocobalamin is attributed to complex formation between cyanocobalamin and cyclodextrin. Such result could be explained on the basis that both benzalkonium chloride and sodium metabisulphite are ionic responsible for the formation of a stronger bond with cyanocobalamin compounds. The presences of such high <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Sodium-Nitroprusside">Targetmol's Sodium Nitroprusside</a> charged anion or cation are than that exists between cyanocobalamin and water molecule.The permeation characteristics of cyanocobalamin from unsaturated solution were studied.Such permeation behavior can be evaluated using the previously described permeation cell. Such increase in the holding capability exerted values the capability of water to hold cyanocobalamin molecules is between cyanocobalamin and water molecules resulted in decrease of the permeation pattern through the membrane.Collectively the permeation magnitude of cyanocobalamin is maximum at pH. Since the permeation of cyanocobalamin follows the rules applied in passive permeation.In this case the concentration gradient is the main force driving the permeation magnitude.In the case of glycerol the solubility of cyanocobalamin is significantly decreased, as previously mentioned, and followed by a decrease of permeation.This study was component with cyanocobalamin at C; such data are graphically achieved by comparing the obtained slopes in presence of each illustrated as histograms.To explain such results, there are two or more factors driving the permeation magnitude have to be considered.Regarding the valency, such factor is accepted in all cases.On considering the molecular size of the   electrolyte tested in combination with valency, it is more sensible to compare all monovalent and all divalent electrolyte tested.Based on the last assumption, the superiority of monovalent over the divalent salts tested is clearly observed.On comparing various monovalent as a function of molecular size, it is found that sodium chloride exhibits lowest molecular weight and highest permeation value.This relation is based on considering the order of permeation magnitude for each of compared to the relative lower values in the case of sodium the divalent electrolyte tested, the superiority of calcium chloride potassium chloride, and sodium stearate.Since this relation is acted on metabisulphite and sodium sulphate is clearly proved.This study was focused on investigating the behavior of cyanocobalamin permeation from the tested formulation.Based adjusted to pH range, in order to provide highest stability value.Using nasal drops provide patient provide a highly stable cyanocobalamin formulation, and accordingly, compliance which was one of our targets from this study.Also, direct entry to blood circulation and avoidance of GIT effect, achieved the aim of the study.Omeprazole therapy causes malabsorption of cyanocobalamin. Spraydried powders as nasal absorption enhancers of cyanocobalamin.Determination of vitamin B as cobalt by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry using. Identification of vitamin B and analogues by high performanc the solid sampling technique.The use of lowinvestigating the structure of pharmaceutical glyceride bases.Physical and dielectric properties of pharmaceutical powders. partition coefficient and nasal drug absorption.Studies on the of Vitamin B, B, B preparations, following proprietary Stability of Vitamin B ComplexCombinedPreparations, Stability standard.View publication stats View publication stats The user has requested enhancement of the downloaded file.View publication stats View publication stats Upon electrocatalysis, the reduction potential for dicofol was shifted to more positive values, exhibiting enhanced reduction current.

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