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Throughout this process, I realize that some of my voice is also communicated within the research study.I understand that people display a unique individuality and agency that makes the subject of all narrative inquiry quite singular, hisher status as a socially situated and culturally fashioned being makes him or her a part of a more or less local or global community. Given that I acknowledge my subjectivity; I maintain transparency in my research for the readers.Preserving a transparent rapport throughout my writing assists in adding to the validity of my analysis and interpretations of the data collected from my participants, recognizing that we are storytelling organisms. There are many voices inside of each story including those of narrators, authors, researchers and of critics. Because these women have been a disregarded group for so long in mathematics education research, I feel the time is right to hopefully influence policy and procedures that promote academic success in mathematics.Renegotiating gender racialization and knowledge production in different <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Delta-Gluconolactone">Targetmol's Delta-Gluconolactone</a> environments was covered throughout my educational research study.Individually each narrative is separated into the subsequent sections: introduction, educational experiences from grade school to college, reflections of success in college mathematics, successful experiences in teaching mathematics, and summative remarks.I follow their narratives with a thematic narrative analysis discussion supported by womanist theory.Throughout the analysis process, I realize that the participants efforts, achievements, struggles and challengesmight have never been voiced. Therefore, I included explicit quotes from my participants to emphasize their voices throughout the narratives.I agree narrative analysis is especially suitable for research that focuses on the lived experiences of marginalized groups, such as racial and ethnic minorities and women, whose histories were often disregarded by the dominant group. Lastly, I conclude each narrative analysis with the participants summary linked to thematic evaluation supported by the narrative data.Elizabeth is married with two boys, and has been an educator for over years.She also worked as a science interpreter and college professor.Elizabeth attributes her success as a mathematics educator to her parents and their push   for her to excel at everything.She mentioned that on the military bases where her family lived there werent a lot of girls and there were not a lot of black people in myclasses.But to be in a classroom full of people and youre the only female, that was crazy. It makes me sad to realize that I didnt have any black female math teachers growing up.Elizabeth stated, on my moms side, education is what they do.That is the closest thing I had to a black female math teacher. He said, I havent gone higher than this, because I was going into prealgebra.She did not enjoy prealgebra due to the initial introduction of letters into the equations, and algebra in ninth grade was fairly easy because it was a repeat of prealgebra.He tried to make the class fun as well as the math. She changed her major to mathematics with a minor in physics.Elizabeth was good at math and loved it, however, she did not consider herself naturally gifted in math.

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