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Company Profile
KABLEX- Infinite High Tech Connection
KABLEX Technology  Co., Ltd. is found in June 2008. KABLEX is a perfect partner and professional solutions provider of cable assembly and connection integration design and manufacturing of over 10 years experience. We offer an extensive range application solution in medical healthcare, automotive, green energy, industrial applications and communications.
We provide global solutions and products to customers and agents. Our professional team and production capacity can meet any individual orders, small or large one. We will establish case team to provide immediate service and support. From new production, we establish timelines, accelerate production deadlines to save more cost and provide a quick response and satisfactory service.
KABLEX provides one-stop service, high quality and customized products to our clients. We also offer OEM/ ODM service of connectors, bulk cable & cable assemblies, used in different applications and devices. Meanwhile we cooperate with famous component manufacturers to double guarantee products with high precision connection and durability.
KABLEX strives for infinite connection for your any facility with new growing technology. Precision, high efficiency, durability and economic cost are our goal for customers. So stay with us, you can relax with coffee time!
Mission & Vision
We strive for the precisional connection on quality and reliability. We strive for high technology for connection and turn your innovative ideas into reality. Our mission is "Infinite High Tech Connection with growing high technology. Provide valuable solutions and products to global customers".
3* First
Customer is the first. Customers ' request, customers' problem and customers are always in the first position to serve.
Quality is the first. Customers buy our products and actually buy quality and trust in us. When customers see the product, they will get more confidence.
Employees is the first. Each product is made by our workers, they deserve better returns. Employees play the most important role in our production.
Green Environment Policy
We are committed to establish a dedicated environmental policy in manufacturing. We strictly adopt to environmental standard specified by ISO 14001 guidelines.
KABLEX takes measures to comply with ROHS/ROHS2/REACH/new regulations. Our factories use electronic equipments containing no more than agreed levels of the hazardous substances. As ROHS regulations request that manufacturers need to ensure the products and the components of such products comply with the requirements, we also ask our component or raw material suppliers adhere to the directives and testing.
KABLEX is committed to deliver market-leading products while protecting Green environment of our earth.
- Prevent environment pollution
- Implement the requirements of environmental protection law
- Devote ourselves to protecting the environment.
Quality & Service
The first priority is to provide our customers with top-quality products with our best service. We adhere to the industry鈥檚 highest requirements and standards to ensure our design and deliver superior-quality products to customers on time. We are continuously strengthening our manufacturing techniques and accelerating production deadlines to meet every customer鈥檚 increasing demands for superior product performance. Here, quality and reliability are the first essence.
We have passed below quality certificate
ISO 9001ISO 14001
ISO 13485TS 16949
Customer is the first .We establish one customer service system and make fast response and time table to ensure each step to fulfill and meet customer request.
Customer satisfaction is our goal and achievement.
Our Product
Medical Equipment and Devices, Treatment& Health Care Devices, Fitness Equipment and so on
EV Charger Cable, Automotive Cable Assemblies and Wire Harness, Sensor Cable, GPS and so on
Fiber Optic, LAN Network, Smart Appliances, Mobilephone Appliances and so on
Industry Instruments, Equipment Control Cable, Super Flexible Cable, Automation and so on
Refrigerator, Printer, Scanner, Computer and so on
Our Product Application
Our products are over kinds of cables and used in over 20 applications, including medical healthcare care, industry automation, car and EV, telecom, many electrical appliances and other special request area.
Our Certificate
We have passed below quality Certificate
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 13485
TS 16949
AS 9100C

Customer is First. We establish one Customer Service system and make fast response and time table to ensure each step to fullfill and meet customer request. Customer satisfication is our goal and achievement.
Production Equipment
Testing and quality equipmentLAN Cable in stock

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